We feel water as a living being, see people as agents for change and understand our mission as transformative for the creation of a regenerative future.

Climate change, population growth and unsustainable infrastructures are altering the water cycle. We are here as stewards, scientists and guardians to mitigate it and support its natural flow.

GIVE A SHIT is an interdisciplinary awareness-raising platform and action group focusing on sustainable urban water management and sanitation in cities. We advocate for technological innovation and social reorganization to happen simultaneously.

We focus on circular regenerative premises - REDUCING our ecological footprint and waste of resources; REUSING water within our daily lives; RECOVERING resources of drinkable water from alternative sources.

Bridging science with society

We use qualitative and quantitative methods – using applicable projects based on ethnography and scientific research engaging society with different creative narrative practices to give quality responses on necessary change

We use ARTIVISM (art + activism) to raise public awareness and social involvement.

With help of EDUCATION, we inform and empower future generations for a regenerative future through interactive workshops, open discussions, and hands-on events.

We provide CONSULTANCY services to bridge the gap between what science knows, research outcomes shows and what the whole system needs.

We RESEARCH existing phenomena, challenge and needs with systemic vision, close to society, considering their socio-cultural background and contextual needs.

We offer a wide range of services - artivism, education, research and consultancy. Co-creating solutions with different stakeholders involved inside of an interdisciplinary team is our main feature

We are a multidisciplinary TEAM who GIVE A SHIT about real things. We collaborate with different professionals and partners to develop innovative SYSTEMIC SOLUTIONS to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future

Lorenzo Scodeller

Lorenzo Scodeller is a multidisciplinary designer and social entrepreneur. His main focus is creating systemic change for the sustainable management of resources.
His work is holistic: creating upcycled products, designing informative graphics, coding websites.
He’s the founder of Novonovo a service/platform that facilitates the encounter and reuse of materials.

Laura Korčulanin

Laura Korčulanin is a pioneer design anthropologist, water toilet advocate, and founder of Give a Shit.
She is specialized in human-centered design and life centered approach currently finishing her PhD studies. She is working as a professor, consultant in business and industry and collaborating with decision-making bodies always aiming for integrated life-centered regenerative solutions.

Ursina Merkt

Ursina Merkt Project Manager, Curator. With over 20 years of experience in project management at the interface of culture, science and innovation. Expertise ranges from small to large scale projects, which include interdisciplinary art, performance and science platforms on climate and societal challenges.

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